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Ariel Goobar with arms crossed standing inside the AlbaNova building.

Welcome to the new OKC Director

After more than five years as OKC Director, Hiranya Peiris is stepping down. The OKC welcomes the new Director, Ariel Goobar.

Glowing gas globs each over 30 times more massive than the Earth are being expelled by WR124.

Massive Wolf-Rayet star observed exploding as a supernova

This newly discovered type of stellar explosion – coined Type Icn – is described in the latest issue of the journal Nature.

A spongy web of dark matter with supernovae as points embedded throughout.

Tracing the cosmic web with supernovae

A group of scientists, led by OKC PhD student Eleni Tsaprazi, have studied the environments in the large-scale structure where supernova explosions take place to explore whether supernovae can be used to map the high-redshift universe.