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Stockholm - Photo by Raphael Andres.

Five postdoctoral positions at the Oskar Klein Centre, Stockholm

Postdoctoral positions in large-scale structure or time-domain cosmology, axion theory and astrophysics, particle astrophysics and dark matter searches, and theoretical multi-messenger astrophysics.

Simons Observatory logo

Simons Observatory telescope construction making good progress

Researchers at the Oskar Klein Centre and Stockholm University are leading the optical modeling efforts for a new ground-based telescope called the Simons Observatory.

Two black holes merging into one.

Cosmic Conundra

Former OKC postdoc Florian Kühnel discusses his recent paper on primordial black holes and gravitational waves.

A simulation of a neutron star merging with a black hole. Image credit: Stephan Rosswog (OKC, SU Ast

Hunting for Gravitational Wave Counterparts

Since the groundbreaking first detection of merging neutron stars in gravitational waves and electromagnetic radiation in August 2017, researchers at Stockholm University have continued to search for electromagnetic counterparts – bright transient sources in the sky – in connection with gravitational-wave events.

An image of Sheng Yang


Interview with Sheng Yang

Sheng is a postdoc in the SU Astronomy Department who is hunting for electromagnetic counterparts to gravitational wave sources. He's ready to start learning to make Swedish food.