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A plot of the number of events observed vs energy with a red line that shows the expected background

XENON1T sees an excess of electron recoil events

Underneath a mountain in Italy sits 3.2 tonnes of liquid xenon waiting patiently for (among other things) a dark matter candidate particle to recoil off one of the xenon nuclei. And, although this nuclear recoil event has yet to be observed, researchers working on this experiment report that they see more than they expect of something else -- electron recoil events.

Cover of Sunny Vagnozzi's published thesis -- it shows scales with particles on them.

Sunny Vagnozzi wins Springer Thesis Award

Dr. Vagnozzi, who was a PhD student in the Oskar Klein Centre, defended in 2019 and will have his thesis published in the Springer Theses series.

By Prolineserver (talk) - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=5064945

OKC named one of top three Linnaeus Excellence Centres in Natural Sciences

In 2005, the Swedish government commissioned the development of Centres of Excellence, known as Linnaeus Centres, in order to build strong research environments and improve the international competitiveness of Swedish research. This programme has now been evaluated by an international panel; the results were presented at a conference in Stockholm in March.

An image of Sheng Yang


Interview with Sheng Yang

Sheng is a postdoc in the SU Astronomy Department who is hunting for electromagnetic counterparts to gravitational wave sources. He's ready to start learning to make Swedish food.