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Artist’s impression: a compact stellar mass black hole orbiting a star that lives in a star cluster

Small black hole discovered outside the Milky Way

An international team of astronomers, led by Dr. Sara Saracino of Liverpool John Moores University and including Dr. Christopher Usher of the Oskar Klein Centre, have discovered a small black hole outside of the Milky Way by studying how it influences the motion of a star in its close vicinity. This is the first time this technique has been used to detect a black hole outside of our own galaxy.

Stockholm - Photo by Raphael Andres.

Nine postdoctoral positions at the Oskar Klein Centre, Stockholm

Positions involving analysis and machine learning with galaxy survey data, CMB instrumentation and data analysis, modelling and machine learning with LSST data, cosmology with Type Ia SNe, modelling transient light curves and spectra, observations of exotic SNe, and axion astrophysics and cosmology.

Expected distribution of all Axion Minicluster and neutron star encounters (assuming NFW internal AMC density profiles). Encounters which result in brighter events are limited to the Galactic Center.

Radio Flashes Could Lead the Way to Detection of Dark Matter

The majority of matter in the Universe is cold and dark and has yet to be directly observed. One candidate for this dark material is the axion, a hypothetical elementary particle.

In this image, a linear group of colored points shows stars that move on very similar orbits.

Postdoc Interviews: Khyati Malhan

Khyati has been with the OKC for a couple of years now and will be moving to Germany to start a Humboldt Fellowship in the autumn. He works in the field of Milky Way formation and dynamics and uses stellar dynamics to understand the formation and dynamics of our Galaxy, and also to examine the nature of dark matter.