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NASA engineer Ernie Wright looks on as the first six flight ready James Webb Space Telescope's primary mirror segments are prepped to begin final cryogenic testing at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center. NASA/MSFC/David Higginbotham

Two OKC researchers will be among the first to use JWST

Both Angela Adamo and Emil Rivera-Thorsen from the SU Astronomy department had proposals chosen from the more than 1000 that were submitted asking for time in the first cycle of telescope operations.

Source: Chris Pedersen

Dark Matter Is Not "Fuzzy"

New research published in Physical Review Letters by former OKC Fellow Keir Rogers and OKC Director Hiranya Peiris rules out one of the more popular and well-motivated dark matter candidates.

Image of a star being pulled from a sphere into a long string as it passes close to the central BH

Did a spaghettified star close to a supermassive black hole send out a high-energy neutrino?

In a new article in Nature Astronomy researchers at the Oskar Klein Centre participate in a study that connects an energetic ghost-particle trapped in the Antarctic ice with a shredded star in a distant galaxy.

An image of Sheng Yang


Interview with Sheng Yang

Sheng is a postdoc in the SU Astronomy Department who is hunting for electromagnetic counterparts to gravitational wave sources. He's ready to start learning to make Swedish food.