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Albanova building
    The Hubble Space Telescope being removed from the space shuttle by its robotic arm.

    OKC researchers secure HST time in Cycle 26

    Angela Adamo and Matthew Hayes both had successful medium HST proposals in Cycle 26, the most oversubscribed cycle in the history of HST. Angela's observations will explore how dense, young clusters of stars interact with their surroundings. Matthew's observations will look for gas that is thought to envelope galaxies and fuel their future generations of stars.

    An image of Katie Freese in a dark jacket with a string of pearls.

    Julius Edgar Lilienfeld Prize to Katie Freese

    The American Physical Society has awarded the Julius Edgar Lilienfeld prize to OKC Professor Katie Freese, "for ground-breaking research at the interface of cosmology and particle physics, and her tireless efforts to communicate the excitement of physics to the general public."

    A diagram that shows the expanding shell of material around an exploding star

    Light echo observations shed light on rare supernovae

    An international team led by OKC researcher Dr. Ragnhild Lunnan uses light echoes from a brilliant stellar explosion to reconstruct its history.

    extra dimension

    The Blog

    Hunting for extra dimensions with gravitational waves

    One would then think that extra dimensions beyond the usual 3+1 spacetime ones, an exciting and common ingredient in many science fiction stories, should be indeed left to science fiction novelists. It turns out, however, that extra dimensions are not at all uncommon in actual physics theories.