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Albanova building
    Artist’s illustration of two merging neutron stars with gamma-ray beams and clouds of ejecta.

    Merging neutron stars detected in gravitation waves and electromagnetic radiation

    Gravitational waves from the merger of two neutron stars have been detected for the first time. Scientists around the world pinpointed the source to a galaxy 130 million light years away.

    Sara Strandberg

    Quest for the unknown elementary particle

    One of particle physics’ biggest unsolved mysteries is how the Higgs particle can be so light, which is at odds with the prevailing theories. Thanks to a 35.2 million SEK (4.34 million USD) grant, Sara Strandberg and her colleagues can go on the hunt for new particles that could explain the mass of the Higgs boson.

    Ola Ericson/imagebank.sweden.se

    Cosmoparticle Visitor Exchange Program

    We are pleased to invite applications from students and postdocs to support travel and subsistence for collaborative visits on the topic of cosmoparticle physics (interpreted broadly) between a number of institutions.

    OKC blog

    Interview with Hoi-Fung David Yu

    Hoi-Fung David is an observer who seeks to understand gamma-ray burst emission mechanisms. He likes bouldering and science communication.

    Interview with Mette Friis

    Mette is an observer who works with PoGO+ (a balloon-born experiment that measures polarized gamma-rays) and who loves to bake and eat sweets.