New tenure track position as assistant professor at the OKC

A new tenure track position as assistant professor in data-intensive methods in fundamental physics, astrophysics and cosmology has opened at the Department of Physics and the Oskar Klein Centre.

White institution building under a blue sky, with a green field in front of it.
Image credit: Albanova.

The employment is linked to the activities at the Oskar Klein Center (OKC), based at the Department of Physics, but also includes researchers from the Department of Astronomy and KTH Physics. At OKC, several theoretical, observational and experimental efforts are conducted in fundamental physics, (astro)particle physics, astrophysics and cosmology. The employment is advertised in connection with a new initiative from the Swedish Research Council (VR) which aims to strengthen the ties between various data-intensive research projects at OKC and to increase the connection with teaching at both institutions of higher learning, as well as the contact surface with high-tech industry. Support for a postdoctoral employment for up to five years is included.

The application deadline is 5 February 2024.

Read more and apply at Stockholm University's recruitment system.