Theory Working Group

The Theory Working Group focuses on developing fundamental theory, both in theoretical cosmology and more broadly construed.

It meets weekly on Thursdays.


Mission statement


To develop fundamental theory and connect it to the observable universe, in particular through research into the nature of gravity and spacetime, the cosmology of the early universe and dark energy, and the astroparticle physics beyond the standard paradigms of cosmology and particle physics.


Uncover theoretical structures and determine their physical consequences. Support theory research through increased interactions within and around the OKC by joint seminars and journal clubs. Expand collaborations in the form of joint research projects, including funding applications. Train diverse early-career researchers to become versatile theoretical physicists able to tackle the contemporary challenges in high energy physics and theoretical cosmology.

The Theory Working Group is a forum for theory of interest to the Oskar Klein centre. It is open for all OKC members and for high energy and gravity/cosmology theorists at Nordita. Members of the working group are actively investigating and developing alternative gravity theories, including bimetric gravity and higher spin gravity. They also study various aspects of the AdS/CFT correspondence both related to applications and to the basic questions about space and time. Black holes in pure gravity, bimetric gravity and in higher spin gravity are also actively investigated, as well as the potential cosmological role of primordial black holes. In principle any theory done in OKC can be discussed although traditionally the topics have been related to high energy physics theory and gravity theory including field theory aspects of theoretical cosmology.



Slack channel: #okc-theory

Upcoming meetings of the Theory Working Group

Upcoming meetings of the Theory Working Group focusing on theoretical cosmology



Guilherme Franzmann

Fawad Hassan

David Marsh

Bo Sundborg


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