Theoretical Cosmology Working Group

The Theoretical Cosmology Working Group is the focus point within the Oskar Klein Centre for theoretical advances in the cosmology of the early and late universe. It meets biweekly on Thursdays.


Mission Statement

To advance the theoretical understanding of the universe, its beginning, content and evolution, through a diverse range of analytic, numerical and statistical research methods. Focus areas include the nature of the matter and energy components of the universe, constructing models explaining the origin of cosmic structure, e.g. through inflation, exploring cosmic phase transitions, and providing new connections to cosmological and astrophysical observations.

The Theoretical Cosmology Working Group connects researchers with a broad range of skill sets across the Oskar Klein Centre and Nordita, facilitates training of junior members, and increases interactions through internal research presentations, topical seminars, and journal clubs. The activities of the group are strengthened by bringing external, international expertise from all subfields of theoretical cosmology to Stockholm, thereby stimulating new connections within and outside the Oskar Klein Centre. The working group provides a dedicated forum for theoretical cosmology that complements, boosts and benefits from interactions with other working groups, particularly Theory, Cosmology & Gravitation and Beyond the Standard Model. The Theoretical Cosmology Working Group facilitates synergies between various theoretical approaches explored within the Oskar Klein Centre. 

Members of the working group investigate a diverse set of areas, including (but not limited to) dark matter, dark energy, cosmic inflation, reheating, gravitational waves, cosmological phase transitions, primordial magnetic fields, primordial black holes, and axions and axion-like particles. They are also involved in making direct connections with advances in observational cosmology and maximising the scientific return of observational facilities through theoretical insights.



Slack channel: #okc-theory

Upcoming meetings of the Theoretical Cosmology Working Group



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