Past outreach activities

Researchers at the Oskar Klein Centre are always excited to talk about their work. We organize and participate in many events open to the general public.

Below are examples of past outreach activities.


Public Lectures

Researchers at the Oskar Klein Centre often give public lectures about their research in Stockholm. Some past lectures can be watched on our YouTube channel, and on the YouTube channel of the Fysikum department at Stockholm University (both in Swedish and English).


Art exhibit: "Inner & Outer Space: our Universe expands"

On 23 March 2013, Edsvik Konsthall opened its doors to outer space in an exhibition where science meets art: "Inner and Outer Space - our Universe is expanding." The exhibition was the result of a unique collaboration between the Oskar Klein Centre for Cosmoparticle Physics at Stockholm University and Edsvik Konsthall art gallery in Sollentuna. During just under one year, researchers from the Oskar Klein Centre and twenty artists met to discuss and collaborate on our biggest open questions about the Universe, and the role creativity plays in both worlds. The artists translated the dialogue into new works of art in painting, photography, sculpture, video art, objects, installation and performance.

Unique collaboration: artists and scientists discover the universe together

"Cosmology is the study of our Universe as a whole. We are curious about the Universe, and how science for a century has revolutionized our understanding of it! Our picture has gone from a single galaxy in an unchanging Universe, to billions of galaxies in an accelerating, expanding Universe. What does that mean for us as humans? How can we understand and interpret the new knowledge that science gives us? " says Martin Sahlén, project leader and former researcher at the Oskar Klein Centre (now at the University of Oxford).

The idea for the collaboration between scientists and artists grew out of a conversation between Martin Sahlén and Ricardo Donoso, head of Edsvik Konsthall, about exploring creative interpretations of modern cosmology. Through dialogues and workshops, participants have together explored what our scientific knowledge says about the Universe, and how that can be interpreted from a human perspective. "What I appreciated most in this project have been the visits to artists' studios. It's really striking how many similarities there are between the way they work and my everyday life as a scientist" says Rahman Amanullah, researcher in supernova cosmology at the Oskar Klein Centre. "Although the essence of our work is new creative ideas there is still a truth in Einstein's worn quote about that being 1% inspiration and 99% hard work."

The exhibition "Inner & Outer Space: our Universe is expanding" was organized by the Oskar Klein Centre in collaboration with the Edsvik Konsthall art gallery in Sollentuna on 23 March - 14 April 2013.

Video on the exhibit

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