OKC Logo and templates

The OKC logo is central to the visual identity of the OKC.

Animated logo of the Oskar Klein Centre

The OKC-logo consists of 4 elements:

  • The spiral represents different branches of OKC, reminding both of particle physics tracks and astrophysical objects. The trait chosen reminds an hand-made drawing in the same style as Oskar Klein's signature.
  • The circle represents the unity of the OKC and the area in which the OKC does its research, including all branches.
  • The stars make a direct connection to the field of astronomy.
  • The original signature by Oskar Klein which is included in the name of the centre.

The logo is to be used in Stockholm University blue on white on light background and inverted colors on dark background. The black and the white versions of the logos are avalaible for those situations when blue is not a valuable option.

OKC Logo (1581 Kb)

Powerpoint presentation template (286 Kb)


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