In honour of the memory of Oskar Klein, the Organizing Committee of the Oskar Klein Memorial Lectures every year invites a distinguished researcher to give a Memorial Lecture and to receive the Klein medal.

The 2020 Oskar Klein Memorial Lecture


will be given by

Roy P. Kerr


with the title

Kerr Black Holes have no Singularities


The lecture will take place on December 17 @ kl 20.00 online via zoom.

Abstract: All proofs that Black Holes have real physical singularities make assumptions about the nature of the matter inside and of certain light rays. It is shown that there are such lines inside Kerr that do not satisfy these assumptions. As an example to show that the behaviour inside the event horizon for real matter is very different from the idealisation of empty Kerr we consider two slowly rotating Black Holes collapsing to a single object. There have been many different approaches used to calculate the collapse of two BHs to a single one. We show that the best starting point is the Kerr-Schild form for a Black Hole. This explains the unexpected accuracy of a calculation by Jose Rodriguez for the first gravitational wave discovery, GW150914.

Oskar Klein
Oskar Klein

Oskar Klein (1894-1977) was 23 years old when he came to Niels Bohr in Copenhagen. He stayed there until 1931 at which time he became professor in theoretical physics at Stockhom University where he stayed until his retirement in 1962. Klein had a broad interest in various fields of physics but is perhaps best known for the Klein-Gordon equation and the Klein-Nishina equation. His attempts to unify general relativity and electromagnetism by introducing a five-dimensional space-time dates back to 1926 and is today known as Kaluza-Klein theory.

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