Oskar Klein
Oskar Klein

Oskar Klein (1894-1977) was 23 years old when he came to Niels Bohr in Copenhagen. He stayed there until 1931 at which time he became professor in theoretical physics at Stockhom University where he stayed until his retirement in 1962. Klein had a broad interest in various fields of physics but is perhaps best known for the Klein-Gordon equation and the Klein-Nishina equation. His attempts to unify general relativity and electromagnetism by introducing a five-dimensional space-time dates back to 1926 and is today known as Kaluza-Klein theory.

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The 2017 Oskar Klein Memorial Lecture

was given by

Sheldon Lee Glashow

Boston University

Sheldon Lee Glashow
Sheldon Lee Glashow. Photo credit: Luboš Motl Public domain

Harvard University, Emeritus

with the title

Nobel Ideas in Particle Physics

and abstract

A personal account of my joyous years as a practicing particle theorist. The Standard Theory of Elementary Particles was developed, tested and confirmed during my tenure. I shall revisit those thrilling times of long ago and speculate briefly on developments yet to come.

The lecture took place in the Oskar Klein Auditorium, AlbaNova, Stockholm on December 12, 2017.