For general information about the Oskar Klein Centre please contact the Director Ariel Goobar( or the Communication Manager Emily Freeland (

For a full list of OKC members please check the alphabetical list.


OKC management and administration

Ariel Goobar Director
Chad Finley Deputy Director
Stephan Rosswog Deputy Director
Emily Freeland Community & Communications Manager



Steering group

Ariel Goobar, Physics Department(CoPS), SU, Chair
Christophe Clément, Physics Department (ELPA), SU
Chad Finley, Physics Department (ELPA), SU
Jón Gudmundsson, Physics Department (CoPS), SU
Matthew Hayes, Astronomy Department, SU
Jens Jasche, Physics Department (CoPS), SU
David Marsh, Physics Department (CoPS), SU
Evan O'Connor, Astronomy Department, SU
Stephan Rosswog, Astronomy Department, SU
Felix Ryde, Physics Department, (KTH)
Sara Strandberg, Physics Department (ELPA), SU


More contacts

Faculty Members


PhD Students



ATLAS Christophe Clement
Jonas Strandberg
DARWIN Jörn Mahlstedt
Fermi Felix Ryde
HST Göran Östlin
Hyper-Kamiokande Chad Finley
IceCube Chad Finley
LiteBIRD Jón Gudmundsson
LOFAR/SKA Garrelt Mellema
LSST Hiranya Peiris
Simons Observatory Jón Gudmundsson
SPIDER Jón Gudmundsson
XENONnT Jan Conrad
XL-Calibur Mark Pearce
ZTF/ZTF2 Ariel Goobar
Jesper Sollerman



Aquila Consortium Jens Jasche
AxionDM Research Environment Hiranya Peiris
Gravity Meets Light Stephan Rosswog
GREAT Research Environment Ariel Goobar
Lyman Alpha Reference Sample Göran Östlin
Solving the Higgs Fine-Tuning Problem with Top Partners Sara Strandberg
Understanding the Dynamic Universe Hiranya Peiris