Arrangör/Organiser: Chad Finley
Kontakt/Contact: Chad Finley
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The discovery of neutrino mass and the observed baryon asymmetry in the Universe provide strong motivations to search for lepton number violation. In this talk I will explain why a hypothetical nuclear process, neutrinoless double beta decay, is generally believed to be the most promising way to search for lepton number violation and to explore the origin of neutrino mass. While this general belief is well founded, I will also try to motivate why out-of-the-box thinkers should also be encouraged. Despite a 70-year long history and many null results, the experimental exploration of neutrinoless double beta decay is experiencing a golden age today. I will describe why double beta decay experiments are so challenging, and highlight what I consider to be the best approaches to try overcome those challenges. Nature permitting, when and how are we going to discover neutrinoless double beta decay?