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Albanova building
    XENON1T installation in the underground hall of Laboratori Nazionali del Gran Sasso. The three story building houses various auxiliary systems. The cryostat containing the LXeTPC is located inside the large water tank next to the building. Photo by Roberto Corrieri and Patrick De Perio.”

    The extreme of rarity

    OKC researchers helped reveal the rarest nuclear reaction now known to mankind. To observe this ultra-rare process, XENON1T watched a tonne of ultra-pure liquid xenon for a year. The experiment was featured on the cover of the scientific journal 'Nature'

    Pablo Fernández de Salas. Photo by Serena Nobili

    The blog

    Interview with Pablo Fernández de Salas

    Pablo is a postdoc in the SU Physics department who is using GAIA data to learn about dark matter. He likes to cook unconventional foods.

    Leonard Susskind Lecture

    The film of Leonard Susskind's Lecture now available

    A film of the Oskar Klein Memorial Lecture 2018 by Leonard Susskind with title The Quantum Origins of Gravity is now available on our channels. The lecture took place in the Oskar Klein Auditorium on January 29, 2019.

    Wimpo ion illustration

    First test of the interaction of dark matter with pions

    Over 80% of the matter content of the universe is made of dark matter. In order to unravel its nature, direct-detection experiments look for the scattering of dark matter particles off atomic nuclei.